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Hi. I am the Online Wingman and this is my blog!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

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I have dated a lot

For most of my 33 years on this planet, well no that is a lie, for most of the past 18 years on the planet I have had a lot of dating experience. I don’t know whether to consider this good luck or bad luck (I actually consider it good luck), but I have had the opportunity to date a range of women from all walks of life.

As a former member of the Air Force, my job took me to many places around the world and exposed me to many different cultures. With the travel came the ability to meet many women of all shapes and forms. I am not just talking about women I have dated either. I have worked with women, had women work for me, worked for women and made lifelong, plutonic female friends along the journey.

This in addition to having three sisters (two older and one younger) during my upbringing in Nebraska.

The lessons that I have learned from women have been incredible and these are lessons I hold very close to my heart. Whether in relationships, in friendships or insight from my sisters, aunties, and mum, I consider myself very fortunate to have been exposed to so much insight.

With exposure to women comes awareness of their plight

Having been exposed to many conversations with women, and having dated many women from varying cultures and socioeconomic circles, I feel this has left me well placed to help women who may be looking to find their ideal man but are struggling to do so.

I know how men think. I know what women want. So hopefully my lasting legacy will be the ability to offer advice to women that have experienced difficulties dating men. If I can affect positive change in one ladies’ relationship I will consider this blog worthwhile!

I hope you enjoy the site,

Your Ultimate Wingman