first date tips for women

Some Great First Date Tips For Women Needing Help

Preparing for a first date can be tricky, especially for those who have never dated anyone for the long duration of time.

Due to the online dating options, dating etiquette has been changing with the fast pace and it is always advised to go through the first date tips for women that can improve your chances of having a successful date.

Take a deep breath

If you are too anxious about your first date then you better take some deep breaths. It’s totally okay to be anxious on your first date and your date partner is going to understand it. Its been a long time that you have arranged a date with someone and it will take some time to get used to of stepping out of comfort zone, the best solution is to prepare yourself for any adversities.

Practice to listen

Best way to lower your anxiety is to speak less and listen more, most of the people try to talk allot while on the first date and they end up ruining the first impression. Best way to have a good impression is to let your date feel like you are genuinely interested in him and you want to know more about him by asking questions.

What to wear

You definitely don’t want to look good but you need to wear what suits the occasion, if you are planning a lunch or coffee date then it’s better to wear something simple and cute. He will surely not expecting you to wear a red gown on a lunch date.

I advice most of the women to wear what makes feel comfortable, being in a comfortable state automatically improves the confidence level and reduces the anxiety.

first date tips for women

Don’t get drunk

It’s definitely not advised to have shorts of tequila just to reduce the anxiety. Getting drunk on the first date is definitely not suggested for the sake of impression and your safety as well.

Keep the conversation light

This is very common in most of the first dates, many dates end abruptly because of the wrong selection of topics to discuss. Always restrain yourself from getting into any personal, financial or racial topics. First dates should always be inclined towards knowing the compatibility and general behavior.

Keep some safety tips in mind

It’s very important to understand that there has been a rise in crime against women because of the growing use of online dating platforms. Women seeking for true love meet random guys for a date but leave themselves in a vulnerable situation. Few precautionary measures are always required to be taken care of before planning a date with a stranger.

  • Always meet at a public place for the first date.
  • Have very limited or no liquor on your first date.
  • Always inform your trusted friend about your where you are going and with who.
  • If you ever feel like the person is not good, then trust your instinct and abort the date immediately.
  • Stay away from people who lie, and always inquire whether the person really works at the office he specified.