how to spice up your sex life

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life If Things Are Getting Stale

Are you having a boring sex life? If yes, then what steps have you taken to spice it up? Restoring your boring sex life is not as difficult as you think; you just need to have a right attitude and willingness to resolve the problem before it gets big. We are going to discuss many approaches on how to spice up your sex life and you can choose the best suitable options according to your preferences.


Communication is a stepping stone to a successful relationship; you have to acknowledge the problem before you take a step to rectify it. It’s important for the couple to be on the same page and understand each other and work on improving the communication to figure out the main problem.

People suffer from many different problems that ruin their sex life; it might be because of high stress or low libido or lack of interest in any sexual activities.

Try something new

If you are just lacking interest in sexual intercourse then it’s better to change the environment. Plan a second honeymoon to ignite the fire within you. Many people are just bored of the same sex position, it’s time to get bit more innovative and help each other with trying new positions.

how to spice up your sex life

Get yourself in shape

Many people tend to lack their interest in sexual activities because they don’t consider themselves sexy anymore and they get too conscious about their body shape.

Addition to the better confidence, regular workout makes your body produce more testosterone levels and lower the stress hormones that help in better libido.

Hotel sex

This is my personal favorite; I and my wife have signed a pact of spending at least 3 nights at the hotel every month. In our busy work life, it’s hard to find the time to have regular vacations and the best way to spend time together is renting a hotel room in locals and enjoys few days without any stress.

What makes hotel rooms too effective? Staying at hotel assists you get full time to concentrate on comforting yourself and eliminating stress. Additionally, you don’t need to stress about the laundry, cooking or cleaning, you get few days to chill and Lot of sex.

30 days sex

This can work wonders for those couples who are lacking sexual pleasure in life. Most of the people have hell busy schedule, which makes it impossible for them to plan a sex for weeks. But our plan is to have a resolution of having sex daily for next 30 days. Benefits of having daily sex for next 30 days:

  • You get comfortable with your own skin
  • You will realize that sex doesn’t require days of planning.
  • You will never go for sleeping angry, daily sex will take all the stress.
  • You will be able to experience the sexual connection like you both had when you got married.
  • You can’t have sex for 30 days in the same missionary position, this will make you more innovative with the sexual positions