should I date him

How Do I Know If I Should Date Him

Breakups are hard, but the problem is not the guy that you dated, the main issue is you are clueless about how to find a perfect guy for relationship. It’s not right to put all the blame on your ex, instead, focus on having a partner who is perfect for you and more compatible with your nature.

It’s always a best practice to have a relationship with someone who is perfect for you but how to find a perfect date for yourself? There are few personality traits that you should definitely look for to get the idea to know ‘should I date him’ Or ‘Should I keep a distance from him’.

Positive attitude

One of the most important things that everyone needs to check in the dating partner is whether he/she has a positive outlook for life? Personally, this one behavior can outshine any other behavioral pattern.

A person might not have a stable career but if he has a positive outlook towards life then he is never going to give up in life, additionally, he will also promote you to give your best and always find ways to give you positivity in difficult situations. You should definitely stay away from the negative person.

Good listener

A good listening capability is a great sign, and only the matured man can handle it. Listening shows that the man is genuinely interested in knowing you a better way. If a person you are dating is always bragging about himself then you should keep yourself away from him.

Stable career

If you met a person through an online dating website, then its good idea to inquire about his work. Many women fall for good looking guys but end up having a very bad experience while in the relationship.

A person with the good stable job is a safer option than someone who doesn’t possess any kind of job. It is another reason to date someone with a stable career.

should I date him

Humble and humorous

You might find the aggressive men more attractive but for the long term only humble men will match up your requirements. Humble guys are always great option to attend any family event as well and you will get the appreciation for your choice.

A person who asks you for a coffee or lunch on the first date is always a better option than a man who asks you for club night on the very first date.


Figuring out the core beliefs and priorities is important to understand the behavior pattern. Figure out the things that you both have common can help you decide whether the person is eligible to have a date with.

If he makes you feel better?

The most important thing is does it make you feel good while having a conversation? if a person gives you a positive outlook towards the life then he definitely deserves a date with you.