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Make Yourself More Attractive To Your Man By Being That Little Bit Different

After being in a relationship for a few months or years, many women complaining about being taken as granted by their male counterpart, many men seem to lose that enthusiasm that they have a few months ago.

Men are very simple creatures and don’t require some complex process to ignite the fire within them, with some small changes you can change his perception towards you. You can work on some psychological requirements that men crave to satisfy his all needs and make him want you more.

Respect yourself

The first step to earning respect from other is learning to respect yourself. After being in a stable relationship many women tend to act ignorant towards themselves and that’s the most destructive thing you do to yourself.

Remind yourself those days when you were a teenager and you were always high in energy and now you are struggling to keep your love alive. Start paying attention to yourself, invest time and money on self and work of some serious self-development.

Take care of your self

So now you have decided to respect yourself, the next thing you need to do is start to take care of yourself like you used to do a few years before. Your partner loves you but he needs your efforts to appreciate you.

Taking care of yourself involves much-awaited vacations that you have been waiting for a long time, some meditation sessions, and a wardrobe change.


Next step is to work out, many women tend to ignore workout after getting into a serious relationship. Not sure whether you workout or no? see yourself naked in the mirror, you will get the answer.

A regular workout will make you remain energetic for the whole day and will also make you look more confident. Your man might love you unconditionally but some workout will surely add spice to your relationship.

Start investing time in some skills

One of the most common issue with the majority of the couple is “sex” become monotonous, couples feel bored of doing sex that same way. You can work on developing some skills that can spice up your sex life, you can learn power yoga that will not just make you look good but will also improve your flexibility to try new positions, you can work on learning ‘sensual massage techniques’, or you can just play some sex games to keep it interesting.

Stop being a wife

Most of the couples fall in love while being a friend, but getting into a serious relationship mess-up things. You need to stop being a wife and start being a friend that you were a few years ago. Most of the relationships get boring because partners are not indulging in regular conversations, it’s very essential to get yourself involved in some good communication and share what you feel.


After years of being in a relationship many women start being more serious and smile less, but the fact is smiling face is a most beautiful face and it will help him relieve all the daily stress and will lead to a successful relationship.