What do men want

What Do Men Want To See In An Online Dating Profile

Good men are hard to find out whether its offline dating or online dating. If you are serious about finding a good partner, then you should definitely pay attention to this article. No women want to lose a chance to date a nice man and eligible guys have a lot of options and they are choosy to talk to women with the most impressive and expressive profile. Let’s talk about the few basics of what do men want and how to create an Impressive online dating profile.

What do men want to see in your profile?

Display pictures:

Display picture is the first thing that he is going to notice, here are few tips to help you choose the best photos for your profile.

  • A natural picture with a big smile is the most beautiful picture you can put on your profile. Men get attracted towards happy women.
  • Picture of you doing dorky things can be a great turn on, Its denotes that you are confident enough to make fun of yourself and talk with you is surely going to be enjoyable.
  • Having too many family photos is big no, it a straight clue that you are going to drag us into a lot of awkward family functions too early.
  • Men are looking for attractive profiles but not too attractive. Too attractive or sophisticated profiles give them the feel of a girl being a gold digger or out of scope.
  • Picture of yourself doing some fun is going to make you more eligible, I don’t remember if I ever rejected women with pictures of attending a football match or playing a video game.

what do men wantBio:

Bio is a second thing that will be noticed, guys are going to have a look at the bio before making their first move. They will be checking every detail of your bio to decide whether to invest time in having a chat with you.

  • No bio is a definite killer, the guy will be having no idea about where to start the conversation with and he will get the hint that you are not very interested in online dating.
  • Girls who have specified the world “Fun” are more likely to have better chances; guys love to have a conversation with women who love to have fun. Specifying such things makes it easier for him to ask you out for some fun activity.
  • Men are looking for healthy women, women specifying Gym or CrossFit or any physical exercise or in their bio is an instant turn-on. It gives them the hint of girl who likes to take care of herself and who is conscious about her body.
  • Demanding things in the bio is going to take you nowhere, specify what you are looking for in a guy like the personality traits. But demanding can sound too rude.

Taking Initiation:

  • I love it when women initiate the talk, it’s a straight sign that she is interested and my precious time won’t get wasted.
  • Women who take initiative in chats also tend to get a better response, SO stop waiting for his message and start making a move like strong women.