when good men behave badly

When good men behave badly – from an evolutionary perspective

Some of the human traits are indescribable because of the primal impulse that they have within their self. The evolutionary process is a scientific discipline that defines the psychology of human behavioral patterns, it has hardwired our brain in such a way that we do few things without the intention of doing it.

Every good man behaves badly as some point of time, that is because of the evolutionary process that our ancestors have gone through. We lie, cheat and steal, carve ornamentations into our own bodies, stress out and kill ourselves, and kill others.

Detailed studies of our basic primal instinct can give us an impression about why sometimes good men behave badly. Let’s talk about some common trait that men derived from ancestors.

when good men behave badly

They lie:

Although many would not agree with me but most of the men lie many times in a day, this behavior is linked to our primal behavior. A lie is used as a tool to protect the self-esteem which used to matter allot in the early days of human being. As soon a people feel that their self-esteem is threatened they begin to lie at higher levels.

You will notice this many time, even the good and calm men gets provoked and they get really violent sometimes, scientists have an evolutionary explanation for this as well.

Researchers have found that even 10,000 years ago, human were indulged in wars and violence.

Basically, violence is in our DNA and it activates the part of the brain that makes us conscious of reward and pleasure. A human being has been fighting for existence and protection of their families and violence has been marinated in our DNA.

They cheat:

It’s been found that person with a high level of ethics and morals are among the worst cheaters, a person with high standards and authority are more likely to cheat, whether it’s about cheating with a partner or in business.

Basically, they don’t even consider it cheating, they consider themselves so superior that they take cheating as a part of their reward and they truly feel they have earned it.

when good men behave badly

Early humans and many animal groups have this trait in common, the most powerful and dominant male gets the female and food, this information is still hardwired in our brain that is promoting the successful and morally strong males tends to cheat at the higher rate.