why do men

Why Do Men Do The Things That They Do

Guys say that understanding women is very difficult, but they never realize that understanding few habits of men is big mysteries for women as well. Men’s behavior has never changed since Stone Age and certain behavioral traits went unchanged. Let’s discuss some of the most common WTF things that men do.

Why do men chase you when he is ignored

You might call is extremely immature behavior but it is true. Most of the guys especially below the age of 40 are found to have this common behavioral pattern; this way of acting towards women comes from the evolution of men. That time, most of the men were very competitive in finding a right partner for them and they enjoyed fighting for females. So whenever a man sees a woman who is not interested in him, his basic instinct of chasing her gets activated.

Why do men act differently around his friends

Many women have this common complaint with their boyfriend, no matter how much he loves you or love to cuddle with you in the privacy of the room, he is going to treat you like a casual friend in front of his pack. The reason is, behaving too sweet with a girlfriend in front of his friends can have an adverse effect on his machismo. Most of the guys have different behavioral patterns for different people; they act differently in front of their family, friend’s group, girlfriend, and office. He would never want to ruin his macho and dominating image in front of his friends.

why do men

He flirts with other girls

Many women get offended with their partners because of their flirtatious behavior with other women. But if he is in the mood to cheat on you then he will never flirt in your presence, most of the guys will not hesitate to behave flirtatiously with other girls in front of you, just to prove his skills and to raise your persuasion for him.

Why to men falls asleep after sex

So you want him to cuddle and talk with him whole night after sex but he can’t keep up your expectation, this is because of the way men are created. Don’t take it personally ladies, with every ejaculation your men are feeling more tired and sleepiness that he can’t ignore. If you desperately want him to have a talk with him then you can just let him take a nap of 30 minutes and then wake him up with your sweet kisses.