crazy women

Why men like women to be a little crazy

Many women think that men like descent and calm personality but the truth is totally opposite, an online survey found that men love women to be a little craze, most men complain that calm women tend to be bit boring and non-adventurous.

Although being little crazy or being matured have their own benefits but many men under 40 tend to like crazy women because of the following personality traits.

Being adventurous

We all require some kind of adventure in life, being too gentle can be a bit boring. Men love little crazy women because of their natural inclination towards adventure, whether it is about long bike rides or skydiving, little craziness is always required to do crazy things.  

Natural women

While most of the women have changed their personality according to society’s expectations, these craze women have more natural behavior. They do what they want to do and they are not confined to barriers of society, that’s the reason people call them little crazy.


You got to have guts to do crazy shits, these women got them. Men who seek independent women are always attracted towards women who are capable of taking care of their own stuff.

Loves to enjoy life

Crazy women are the one who can support men in almost any kind of adventure, they love to live their life to the fullest.


Men are like kids they love to pursue their discovery of new things.

Most of the men crave for women who are hard to control and who are unpredictable, crazy women activated men’s natural killer instinct where they have to work hard to win women.

Positive and optimistic

No one like the dull person and negative people is the absolute mood killer.

Crazy women are also able to do crazy stuff because of their positive outlook towards things, they are willing to do crazy impossible things because they firmly believe the possibility of getting it done.

crazy women


This is something every man fantasize about, its the confidence that matter.

Crazy women are independent and a go-getter, when it comes to intimacy these women are not afraid to new horizons with their partner.


They really don’t care what world think about them, that’s what makes them an honest and genuine person.

Most of the time crazy women are not diplomatically correct and that’s one behavior that attracts a lot of men.