Why The Online Wingman

Why create the Online Wingman

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I have been a regular reader of many online dating blogs throughout my time overseas for work. Often in my down time I’ll have the laptop out and be searching for new blogs and I am always surprised with one significant shortage which is what led me to the construction of this blog.

Advice for women from men

There just seems to be a lack of credible websites that can offer assistance to women on dating and relationships from the male perspective. This is something I find staggering.

Who better to know about men than men themselves. I understand the value of a dating site written by women but what doesn’t need to be told to a reader is what they are like. The reader knows themselves. What they don’t know is things concerning the person they want to date.

I feel like all the expertise in the world from a female blogger is not going to give the appropriate insight into what men are really thinking when it comes to dating women. Or this may be slightly unfair, they may know a lot but they will be lacking in some aspects and that is where a blog offering advice to women from a male’s perspective has a place on the internet.

Or that is at least what I believe.

A unique insight for female dating aspirants

With an insight into the male psyche, I have lived with one for 33 years, I feel that the Online Wingman blog can offer dating advice from a unique perspective. I will be able to offer readers the ability to contact me and ask me questions directly about what might be going on in their dating lives and/or relationships.

I feel this site has something to offer, and I will do my very best to help my female reader base succeed in the relationships they form.

I hope you enjoy the blog.